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Relyks opens up on time with eUnited; set to be released along with Ace
The former eUnited in-game leader mused on the recent happenings with the squad, and looked forward to the future.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    January 3rd 2019 6:40 pm    #Relyks #eUnited #Ace #Cooper #dazzLe #osorandom #EPLS8 #ECSS6 #IEMKatowice2019  

Relyks says he was hard done by multiple role swaps

Skyler "Relyks" Weaver has released a TwitLonger (a day late, tsk) discussing how 2018 unfolded for him.

Relyks starts with him joining the team, which required him to pick up the new role of in-game leader. With him at the reins, the team qualified for ESL Pro League, and had decent showings in both EPL and ECS.

Calling the signing of Pujan "FNS" Mehta as being "sort of from left field", Relyks goes on to say that he was eager to try being the team's primary AWPer, but dismayed to find out of the organization's attempts and eventual success in signing Austin "Cooper" Abadir to take on the role.

Report: dazzLe set to return to eUnited's active roster

A further trial laid ahead for the player, as Will "dazzLe" Loafman was benched, and he was switched to entry. The team went on to qualify for the IEM Katowice Minor with this composition, and even attended a pre-holiday bootcamp. After departing from that bootcamp and going on holiday break, Relyks was informed of the team's intention to bring dazzLe back into the starting lineup.

In closing up his summary, Relyks went on to say the following of the myriad changes eUnited have underwent in the past several months.

I just don't think there was a reasonable time given in either iteration of the roles to even see close to where we'd be after building chemistry and waiting for things to fall into place

eUnited confirm Cooper- addition; Ace loaned to Swole Patrol; motm gets blindsided

In addition to Relyks' message, Brandon "Ace" Winn has announced that his contract with the team has come to and end. is aware that both players were sent releases, despite their original contracts being set to run through February.

Both Relyks and Ace will now look for new squads to join up with, with MDL Season 30 starting in under two weeks time.

clerkie to coach eUnited in Katowice

As for eUnited, next up for them is the IEM Katowice Americas Minor, where they will try to at least match their third place performance from earlier in the year, which would this time around grant them one more shot at the Major via the new playoff system.

#1 Droid
2019-01-03 19:16
#2 006_tv
2019-01-03 22:13
Seems like a solid player honestly feelsbadman
#3 Joe
2019-01-03 23:28
why didn't they just let him ace :\
#4 DiSCO
2019-01-04 03:07
dazzle is 5000x times worse rip eunited
#5 rustyjames
2019-01-04 05:47
dazzle is a god.

fns is not even good for mdl. and skyler is a better igl than him. they will bench fns and take skyler back after they bomb out the minor against a random brazilian team.
#6 Joe
2019-01-04 07:55
bout to be knocked out 0-2 by furia and imperial? :O
#7 rustyjames
2019-01-04 09:00
dont forget teamone who managed to get there thanks to help from the og club.
#8 DiSCO
2019-01-04 20:59
oh you're that retard who hates fns for no reason

well have fun being delusional
#9 rustyjames
2019-01-05 07:30
for no reason? ive spent countless keyboard strokes describing my distaste over fns for years.

i like the guy. he is a funny dude. his igling is overrated and he is not a good player. also lacks a certain hunger towards the game. which is the difference between him and daps.

eunited was a good team. he ruined that team. we will see that in the next season.
he wasnt good on mspaz, wasnt good on ncg, wasnt good on clg. tarik and cutler tookigl duties from him multiple times.

the only time his igling worked was when ethan koosta and rickeh were on clg.

his inclusion to c9 was the weirdest roster move last year.

why am i explaining myself to a reddit fag tho idek
#13 DiSCO
2019-01-07 16:53
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