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Sneaky breaks off from slashLEVEL to join ETHEREAL
Sneaky links up with ETHEREAL as they attempt to climb back up to the MDL.
Written by: Mnmzzz    January 3rd 2019 8:47 am    #Sneaky #slashLEVEL #ETHEREAL #fdeN #snim #flashstep #4sh0t #Conan-kun #KiiroKami #jaychancE  

Sneaky finds himself on a new squad shortly after qualifying for Advanced

David "Sneaky" Polster has left slashLEVEL and linked up with ETHEREAL. This move comes less than three weeks after Sneaky helped slashLEVEL to qualify to Advanced in the first Advanced qualifier.

jaychancE leaves Think Outside the Box to join slashLEVEL

Sneaky has joined an ETHEREAL that is currently attempting to rebuild their roster following the loss of Arya "arya" Hekmat and Jin "Jindoke" Park at the conclusion of Season 29. As it stands, both teams will be looking to add one more player in order to prepare for Season 30 of Advanced.

Here is the new roster of ETHEREAL:

  • us Dennison "fdeN" Fong
  • us Sol "snim" Min
  • us Corey "flashstep" Parks 
  • us David "Sneaky Polster

And here are the remaining members of slashLEVEL:

  • us Sam "4sh0t" Mariano
  • us Rossein "Conan-kun" Choeng
  • us Joshua "KiiroKami" Kim
  • us Caleb "jaychancE" Davis

ESEA Season 30 is set to begin on January 14th.

arya leaves ETHEREAL

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