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Naventic CS team owed approximately $17,000; leave organization
The players went public with the money issues after a report about the organization's Heroes of the Storm team.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    November 15th 2017 11:32 pm    #Naventic #ex-Naventic #impsta #Fighter #s0m #TenZ #arya  

impsta and his teammates were never paid by Naventic

Earlier today, Dot Esports reported that Naventic's Heroes of the Storm players were owed over $50,000 of both salary and tournament winnings.

Shortly after, Naventic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive manager Jeremy "Jeremy9000" Gray released the following brief statement on Twitter: knows that the the original Naventic roster were signed with $800 monthly salaries, while Jeremy9000 received a lesser amount, and Arya "arya" Hekmat recieved a higher salary upon his joining the team after the departure of Hunter "hwinn" Winn.

arya completes Naventic roster

Salaries for the players were payable on the first of each month, with a fourteen day grace period built in for the organization. After this period expired, each player was entitled to a $250 late fee as recompense from the organization.

According to Jeremy9000, the organization paid his first months salary up front, as well as registration fees for ESEA and CEVO (totaling approximately $300) — but that is the sum total of financial outlay made by the organization as "no one has received a dime otherwise". has also learned from a former member of the Naventic organization that after Roland "Rolend" Flores acquired the Naventic organization, he was made aware of a pending lawsuit against Naventic LLC. Flores signed both a Halo team and the Counter-Strike team under "Naventic, Inc", which this source claims does not in fact exist.

The last communication received from Flores was a screenshot of a $5,000 pending PayPal payment to the organization's Counter-Strike squad — $5,000 that was never recieved.

arya and Naventic part ways

While these non-payment issues have been impacting the team for months, going public with them now has only piled onto a squad that is in disarray.

ex-Naventic's roster is currently:

  • us Daniel "impsta" Whelan
  • us Giovanni "Fighter" Leo
  • ca Tyson "TenZ" Ngo
  • us Sam "s0m" Oh (Inactive)

The team's next match is scheduled for tomorrow at 9PM EST, against FRENCH CANADIANS in the lower bracket of the CEVO Main Season 13 playoffs.

s0m steps down from Naventic

#1 fows
2017-11-16 01:11
fucking scummy orgs. honestly tournament organizers (esea, esl etc) should ban the owners/org from sponsoring any team (like they did with morrior invictus)
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