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eUnited cuts ties with osorandom
The former coach is longer associated with the eUnited organization.
Written by: Nohte    December 22nd 2018 8:30 pm    #eUnited #osorandom  

eUnited have parted ways with coach Jared "osorandom" Hartman after a picture of a text conversation between him and Sophie "Queeny" Liddell was revealed, with the now-former coach apologizing for "sending [her] an unsolicited photo."

Queeny went on to reveal that the "unsolicited picture" that was referred to in the image was allegedly "multiple nude photos [she] didn't ask for nor agree to being sent." Further tweets revealed that she had reached out to eUnited in private at the time to "not make such a huge deal about it", but has now made the issue public six months later as she hopes to "educate and hopefully protect further and current members of the esports community."

Not long after the picture was tweeted out, osorandom's Twitter account went private, with eUnited announcing the departure of the coach less than three hours later. The picture of osorandom's apology dates back to June 16th, 2018, with neither osorandom or the eUnited organization having made mention of the incident publicly until now. If eUnited did indeed know of the incident for the past six months, it is curious that they have only reacted to it now that the issue has been made public.

osorandom had been a part of the eUnited roster since they were known as Rise Nation back in the summer of 2017.

eUnited sign Rise Nation roster

#1 DazedBetaMale
2018-12-22 20:35
unluko sent to bed
#3 Bingobangobongotv
2018-12-22 20:44
Damn straight wild
#2 Droid
2018-12-22 20:36
bibby to eUnited
#4 parks2214
2018-12-22 20:50
#5 ird
2018-12-22 20:52
Today was not a good day to be an eUnited fan
#6 Joe
2018-12-22 21:40
Lmfao really
#7 006_tv
2018-12-23 00:37
Not surprised lol
#8 Justinian
2018-12-23 10:19
goddamnit i hate being an eUnited fan sometimes
#9 Weat
2018-12-23 13:05
Eunited both dumb and pieces of shit for not taking action and for kicking the guy
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