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witmer returns to search for team
The gatekeeper returns.
Written by: Nohte    December 12th 2018 10:15 pm    #ESEAMDLS30 #ESEAAdvancedS30 #witmer #Hooked #Fragadelphia12  

witmer won't be hiding that smile any longer

Shawn "witmer" Taylor is once again on the search for a team, the player revealed in a Twitlonger Wednesday afternoon. More specifically, he's on the hunt for an MDL or "top advanced" team, and is willing to wait for the opportunity to play for a team of his choosing.

The player went on to talk about his previous retirement announcements and his journey to better himself and his environment over the past year, detailing his struggles financially and emotionally that he had to overcome. Now that he is in a better place, witmer intends to put his full efforts into the game and whatever team he plays for, either as an AWPer or as an entry fragger or lurker should a team already have an established sniper.

Guerilla Tactics release ESEA roster, witmer announces retirement

witmer last played at Fragadelphia 12 as a part of a Hooked mix alongside Jack "xCeeD" Holliman and Jason "neptune" Tran, managing to make it to the sixth round of  the lower bracket before they were eliminated by Mitch "mitch" Semago's ownage mix. He also played on Hooked for ESEA Main Season 29 before parting ways with the team in early November.

witmer made an appearance on another Hooked mix in the BYOC competition at DreamHack Austin, helping the team to a first place finish.

Hooked mix win DreamHack Austin BYOC

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