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Eight teams remain in IEM Katowice North America Open Qualifier #4
A number of MDL sides suffered early exits in the final chance to compete in this portion of the Major calendar.
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Escaping day one unscathed... Still got it

The first day of the IEM Katowice Americas Minor North America fourth open qualifier  (try saying that one quickly) has taken place, seeing a number of notable teams falling at this last chance opportunity, with only two closed qualifier spots remaining.

Bravado and iNTACT through to Americas Minor closed qualifier

This time around cantwinalan, Vision, Excelerate, ex-Velocity, Ethereal and Think Outside the Box were the MDL teams missing from the qualifier. The first two on that list could potentially be excused, with cantwinalan suffering from Zack "Xotic" Elshani's LAN dodging and Vision yet to cement a new roster. The final four have less of an excuse, with only ex-Velocity's coach Sean "ashen" Yang seen in action in the 5 support lurks mix alongside a number of Advanced league players.

The eight teams to reach the quarterfinals are an eclectic mix of teams. The first through was the boyz, headlined by Jake "kaboose" McDonald. Their tournament life began in the second round of the qualifier, where they knocked out MalevoLent 16-3 on Cache. Their next two games weren't as simple walkovers, taking a 16-11 win over Top0 on Mirage before going all the way against Digital Dynasty on Cache for a 16-14 win. Their opponents in the quarterfinal will be Ryan "winsum" Johns and the APE GANG, who reached the stage via a 16-11 win on Train over Altyra, a 16-2 win on Cache against Winnipeg Reborn and a 16-13 upset of MDL team on Cache. 

oNe & Mythic qualify for IEM Katowice NA Closed Qualifier

The next quarterfinal saw Test Takers, one of just three MDL teams to make it to this stage, reach it after a 16-8 Train win over Looking4$, a 16-4 Mirage win over third worlder and a dominant 16-3 win over Grizzlys on Mirage. Their opponents will be Advanced team Dogs of War, after a 16-9 win over The Burger People, a 16-7 win over divisional rivals Vikings and a 25-21 overtime upset over Blight, all on Inferno.

The next quarterfinal sees another MDL team, the Mexicans of Forty Six & Two, set to take the stage after a 16-13 Mirage win over Prom's Anime Club, a 16-2 win over Rewind Club and a close 16-14 win against Thunder Logic, both of which were on Cache. Their opponents will be the Canadians of LiviD, making their way after a 16-1 Mirage win over Corn Fed Kansas Boys, a 16-5 Inferno victory against Canada Post and a 16-12 Mirage win over Conqueror, who had beaten VAULT 16-13 earlier in the bracket.

Singularity and FURIA through to Minor closed qualifier

The final quarterfinal will be made up of the self-professed "budget cyber monday version of" Old Guys Club, who secured non-budget wins over Finch, 16-10 on Inferno, Hot Ass, 16-6 on Train, and Robert Morris University, 16-9 on Overpass. Their opponents will be Hysteria, who's run started with a 16-7 Mirage win over Gods with Attitude, a 16-8 Inferno win against Recky and Friendz and capped it off with an upset, a 19-16 overtime win over MDL's Infamous.

Skadoodle and Old Guys Club break out the tank tops for fourth IEM Katowice qualifier

This leaves the quaterfinal matchups of the fourth open qualifier as follows:

us the boyz vs. us APE GANG
us Test Takers vs. us Dogs of War
mx Forty Six & Two vs. ca LiviD
us Old Guys Club vs. us Hysteria

The fourth and final IEM Katowice Americas Minor North America open qualifier will resume at 7pm EST tonight with the above games, all of which will be covered on

#1 nguyen
2018-11-27 15:29
Ape gang > the Boyz
Dogs of war > test takers
Livid > 46&2
Hysteria > OGC
#2 006_tv
2018-11-27 17:14
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