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Voltage takes leave from schooling, searches for new team
With plans to take a nine-month long break starting in December, Voltage is once again looking for a team.
Written by: Nohte    November 19th 2018 11:44 pm    #Voltage #Spacestation #WESGUSARegionalFinals  

Voltage is on the hunt for a team for Season 30

Logan "Voltage" Long intends to take a nine-month long break from schooling to focus on CS:GO, has learned. The player also sent out a tweet Sunday afternoon announcing his search for a team for the upcoming ESL Pro League or MDL season, and plans to take the semester off starting in September.

Spacestation confirm DAVEY and Oderus additions

Voltage has been inactive since Spacestation brought on David "DAVEY" Stafford to take his place on the active roster. After originally stating that he planned to focus on streaming and school, Voltage has seemingly reconsidered his options in the short-term as he looks to find a new team for the upcoming season.

His drive to play on a team may have been rekindled with his attendance at WESG USA Regional Finals with Spacestation, where the team fell in two maps to Singularity in the semifinals. 

WESG USA Day One: Singularity, CLG Red and Dignitas mix to finals

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Good Pick up but people already know that.
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