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WESG USA Day One: Singularity, CLG Red and Dignitas mix to finals
Both the Women's and Co-Ed tournaments began yesterday, albeit at different paces.
Written by: DuckMoriarty    November 10th 2018 9:43 am    #WorldGaming #WESG #WESGUSA #Singularity #Spacestation #CLGRed #StarSpangledFraggers #OldSchool #NemesisFe  

hydrex pulls out a good performance at WESG USA

The WESG USA Final in Huntington Beach, California, kicked off yesterday with both of the women's semifinals and one of the two co-ed semifinals. 

WorldGaming stealthily announce new venue for WESG USA Finals

We'll begin with the Women's tournament, which saw both semifinals conclude on the Friday. CLG Red came up against Old School first, with the two teams vetoing down to Mirage, Overpass and Inferno. Mirage was a very quick show, with CLG Red taking a 15-0 lead on their T-side first half before it was wrapped up immediately in the second half for a 16-0 win.

Overpass was a similar show from CLG Red, once again taking a 15-0 half on the map. This time their opponents, Old School, secured the pistol round, but it would still be a 16-1 victory for CLG Red.

Mirage and cheeseburger to WESG fe Canada and United States finals

The second semifinal was between the Dignitas mix and Nemesis Fe, with the two choosing to play on Mirage, Nuke and Inferno. A much closer match than the ones in the other semifinal, the two teams battled for control of the match with Dignitas narrowly going ahead after the pistol round, before taking a small 8-7 lead in the first half. The second half practically belonged to Nemesis, with them only allowing their opponents two rounds as they pushed on for a 16-10 win on the first map.

Nuke followed, and Nemesis looked to continue their good form from the previous map, taking the pistol and anti-eco rounds. From there, however, it belonged to the Dignitas, with Emmalee "EMUHLEET" Garrido and co. only dropping two more rounds in that first half for a 10-5 lead. The second half completely belonged to the Fraggers, claiming the final five rounds for a 16-5 win. 

Inferno remained, and once again it was a close map. Nemesis and Dignitas fought for control in the first seven rounds before it was Nemesis who came out and took control on their T-side, with them taking a 10-5 lead. The second half started  off the same as before, with Nemesis being the first team to reach 14 rounds, at 14-8. From there, it was the Dignitas who came out of the blocks, taking all eight of the final eight rounds to wrestle back victory and claim the 16-14 win.

Final WESG USA Qualifiers conclude; Swole Patrol and Star Spangled Fraggers to LAN

These results mean that it will be CLG Red facing Dignitas in the WESG USA 2018 Female final at 2pm EST tomorrow.

In the Co-Ed tournament, it was only the one semifinal played, between Singularity and Spacestation. The two teams vetoed down to Nuke, Train and Cache. Nuke was a quick map, and it commenced with Singularity taking the first two rounds of the half. From there it was the Singularity show, with the former gorillas only dropping two rounds on their CT-side, which helped Cameron "hydrex" Kern blaze out with 1.81 rating. The second half started and ended similarly with Singularity taking the first two rounds for map point, dropping the next before winning the final round required for a 16-3 win.

Train followed, and it was a much closer map. Singularity once again started with the pistol round and immediately following anti-eco, before Spacestation came out with the next five rounds in a row to put a controlling mark on their CT-side. Unfortunately their control ended swiftly, with Singularity slowly rolling back into evening the half and then going ahead. Spacestation only grabbed one more round in that half, with Singularity keeping the lead at 9-6. The second half was pretty much in the hands of Singularity, as they raced into match point after claiming six of the first seven rounds. Although Spacestation staved off the win for three rounds, it eventually ended with Singularity's CT-side taking the 16th round, for a 16-10 win.

WESG 2018 United States Regional Finals
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_nuke 16 - 3 de_nuke
de_train 16 - 10 de_train
de_cache de_cache

This means Singularity will face whoever wins in the match between Swole Patrol and The remaining schedule for the WESG CS:GO tournaments, with times in EST, are:

November 10th
3 PM us Swole Patrol vs. us
November 11th
2 PM us CLG Red vs. us Dignitas
5 PM us Singularity vs. Winner of SF #2

WorldGaming announce talent for WESG USA Regional Finals

Anthony "vanity" Malaspina showed no signs of concern in his post-match interview yesterday:

#1 parks2214
2018-11-10 12:17
Vanity living up to his name?
#2 vanity
2018-11-10 16:08
finally someone gets it
#3 cuze
2018-11-10 16:30
#4 Will
2018-11-10 20:50
hydrex is a terrible alias
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