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chuti returns on Forty Six and 2
Just one American remains on the team as the season nears its end.
Written by: Nohte    November 5th 2018 9:44 pm    #ESEAMDLS29 #FortySixand2 #chuti #stayfrosty #k1Nky #SecretAgent #spaydeR #kobruh  

chuti returns to play alongside SecretAgent and co.

Forty Six and 2 have further returned to their Mexican roots with the addition of Fernando "chuti" Luis Planchart, who has replaced William "stayfrosty" Sweetman on the active lineup. chuti was last seen in ESEA Advanced Season 28 on RESOLUTE, with his absence in matches leading the team to disband.

RESOLUTE disband due to roster rules

Forty Six and 2 had a rough start to their MDL Season 29 campaign, starting the season down 1-8 with only their default win over the Deadnitas roster to show. chuti's addition has already seen the team pick up their first victories of the season, grabbing a trio of wins over Blight, ETHEREAL, and most surprisingly, Bravado. 

chuti previously played alongside the Mexican core of the team in Jose "SecretAgent" Fernandez, David "spaydeR" Esquerra, and Francisco "k1Nky" Alvarez on QuetzaL in MDL Season 24, with the team finishing the season in 18th place. Forty Six and 2 currently occupy the same leaderboard slot, with a chance to improve their record over the next two weeks.

MDL Week 7 Recap - Swole Patrol continue the quest for perfection

Forty Six and Two's roster is now:

  • mx David "spaydeR" Esquerra
  • us Koby "kobruh" Higgs
  • mx Adrian "Gonnak" Arguello
  • mx Francisco "k1Nky" Alvarez
  • mx Fernando "chuti" Luis Planchart

Forty Six and 2 are currently taking on Mythic in MDL, with a variety of POVs available on the HLTV matchpage.

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2018-11-05 22:04
Mexican cs Poggers
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