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MDL Week 7 Recap - Swole Patrol continue the quest for perfection
Singularity and share the top of the standings at 12-4 a piece.
Written by: Baltybaby    November 5th 2018 2:56 pm    #ESEA #ESEAMDLS29 #Singularity #Mythic #Bravado #SwolePatrol #cantwinalan #Spacestation #oNe #Infamous #OldGuysClub #TestTakers #Vault #Excelerate #Vision #ex-Velocity #Blight #ETHEREAL #FortySix&2 #ThinkOutsidetheBox #Deadnitas  

Can Zellsis and Swole Patrol go 18-0?

Another week down and just under two to go, with all MDL matches having to be completed by November 18th. The post-season roster lock was executed across the platform as well, signifying the end of roster changes until the offseason.

MDL Week 6 Recap - Singularity reaches the peak

In the last week of play, the MDL boasts six teams above ten wins, with Singularity and taking the top spots at 12-4, followed by 11-3 teams cantwinalan and Bravado. At 11 wins as well, Spacestation take the fifth spot on the standings ahead of the undefeated giants Swole Patrol. Seeing as the league will feature eight playoff teams, and a 19-game season, it's safe to say that a single win for both Singularity and will lead to a guaranteed playoff spot.

Old Guys Club brings on mOE as coach

The middle of the pack still has a lot to prove as they'll be battling for the final playoff spots. The team struggling to break the ten win mold has been Mythic so far as they've lost their last three games, and still have games against the likes of Swole Patrol and up next. 

With Ben "ben1337" Smith back in the lineup, Test Takers have won five of their last seven, but will truly have to prove themselves with remaining matches against Swole Patrol, Singularity and cantwinalan.

oNe bring on fnx as insurance

Some matches to watch out for this week are:

Matchup Date Time
us Mythic vs. us Swole Patrol Nov. 5th 9PM EDT
us Test Takers vs. us Swole Patrol Nov. 5th 10PM EDT
us Swole Patrol vs. us Singularity Nov. 6th 8PM EDT
us Vision vs. br oNe Nov. 6th 9PM EDT
us vs. za Bravado Nov. 6th 11PM EDT
us Spacestation vs. us Swole Patrol Nov. 7th 8PM EDT
us Mythic vs. us Nov. 7th 9PM EDT

The seventh week's results make the standings look as such:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 us Singularity 16 12 4 +90 36
 us 16 12 4 +65 36
 us cantwinalan 14 11 3 +77 33
 za Bravado 14 11 3 +73 33
 us Spacestation 15 11 4 +63 33
 us Swole Patrol 10 10 0 +97 30
 us Mythic 13 9 4 +51 27
 us Test Takers 15 9 6 +28 27
 br oNe 13 8 5 +55 24
 us Vision 13 7 6 +33 21
 us Old Guys Club 13 7 6 -22 21
 us Infamous 15 7 8 -10 21
 co VAULT 13 6 7 -20 18
 us Excelerate 15 6 9 -21 18
 us ex-Velocity 14 5 9 -55 15
 mx Forty Six & 2 12 4 8 +7 12
 us Blight 15 4 11 -63 12
 us ETHEREAL 14 2 12 -68 6
 us Think Outside the Box 15 1 14 -76 3
 us ex-Dignitas 19 0 19 -304 0

tweiss becomes Infamous

#1 006_tv
6d 20h 31m
My boy zellsis tearing it up
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