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ECS Week 5 Recap - NRG surge to the top; MIBR on the hunt
Renegades, Liquid and Cloud9 are in position to make LAN, but MIBR are hot on their heels.
Written by: Baltybaby    November 5th 2018 11:51 am    #FACEIT #ECS #ECSS6 #Liquid #MIBR #Spacestation #Renegades #compLexity #NRG #Cloud9 #Rogue #Luminosity #eUnited  

A late surge from tarik and MIBR would see them through to LAN

With all teams finally participating in the ECS, four teams have wrapped up all of their matches, while three others have only a single double-header left to close out the league's sixth regular season.

ECS Week 2 Recap - Liquid sweep two teams to stay on top

Earning the first spot in the ECS Finals, NRG finished out the season on a six game winning streak to achieve a 13-5 record. While sitting within a playoff position, Renegades, Liquid and Cloud9 are still capable of being edged out of their placement by MIBR who sits at 9-5, Rogue at 7-7 and compLexity at 6-2, meaning coL still have ten more matches to play.

NRG clinch spot at ECS Season 6 Finals

While the above will maintain their spots in the league regardless, eUnited managed a 6-10 record, keeping them alive for Season 7, but that means even if they close out their season with two wins, they will still be absent from the playoffs. 

The Season 7 Challenger Cup qualifiers will have their winners duke it out against Luminosity and Spacestation as the two will be cast into relegation with their records of 3-15 and 2-14, respectively. Spacestation will be able to change their seeding with two wins, or enough rounds to beat Luminosity in the round differential with a single win, but the outcome will remain the same.

NRG win cs_summit 3

The final games of the season to watch out for include:

Matchup Date Time
nam compLexity vs. br MIBR November 7th 5:00 PM EDT
us Rogue vs. nam compLexity November 7th 7:00 PM EDT
br MIBR vs. us Rogue November 8th 7:00 PM EDT

The current standings in the ECS are below:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 nam NRG 18 13 5 +80 39
 au Renegades 16 11 5 +22 33
 nam Liquid 18 11 7 +24 33
 us Cloud9 18 10 8 +35 30
 br MIBR 14 9 5 +32 27
 us Rogue 14 7 7 -6 21
 us compLexity 8 6 2 +45 18
 us eUnited 16 6 10 -47 18
 br Luminosity 18 3 15 -88 9
 us Spacestation 16 2 14 -97 6

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