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Toy announces retirement
After completing his schooling, the player is off to adulting.
Written by: Nohte    October 26th 2018 5:45 pm    #ESEAMDLS29 #Toy #RESOLUTE #Denial #Freedom35 #Rush #TestTakers #ben1337  

Toy is hanging up his mouse

Having found his replacement on Test Takers in the form of Ben "ben1337" Smith, David "Toy" Han revealed in a tweet late Thursday night that he was done competing in CS:GO.

ben1337 & REZU pass the extrance exam; Toy & Slemmy leave Test Takers

Toy went on to say that he "was actually done playing last season", but continued into Season 29 to play the required number of matches to keep the Test Takers roster together in MDL. He has competed in ESEA leagues since Season 8, and been a part of a number of notable rosters including Method, Rush, Denial, RESOLUTE, and Freedom 35.

RESOLUTE narrowly missed out on a spot in playoffs last season, finishing in 9th place. Test Takers currently sit at a 6-4 record with losses to some of the league's stiffer competiton in oNe, Bravado, and Vision, but difficult matches still await as Toy's former team will look to push their way into the top eight as the season winds down.

MDL Week 4 Recap - Changes come in after eight matches played

#1 cuze
2018-10-26 18:19
#5 Will
2018-10-27 03:10
#2 Joe
2018-10-26 19:01
#3 parks2214
2018-10-26 22:06
A good man is gone. Rip
#4 Idle
2018-10-27 00:32
My korean brother! Noooooooo..... :(
#6 Casey
2018-10-27 12:15
RIP America's ringer
#7 006_tv
2018-10-27 15:51
Feels bad man :((
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