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ruin parts ways with Excelerate
Unable to commit to the time needed as a coach, ruin has left the team.
Written by: Nohte    October 24th 2018 6:15 pm    #Excelerate #MDLS29 #ruin #agM #DaneJoris #SideStep #Nurfed #djay  

ruin has stepped down from Excelerate

Corey "ruin" Hartog's time on Excelerate has come to an end, has learned.

ruin in Excelerate

The coach has been with the team since the end of July, linking up with the squad shortly after they were signed by the organization. ruin cites no ill-will towards his former teammates, telling that he "felt it was too much of a time commitment" and that he does not intend to search for a new team at this time.

Before hopping on board with Excelerate, ruin coached the original Swole Patrol roster during MDL Season 27 before moving on to Gorilla Gang for Season 28. Ironically, ruin parted ways with Gorilla Gang as he was no longer willing to coach for free after his experience on Swole Patrol, but that roster has now been acquired by Singularity along with coach Jared "MAC-1" Schneider.

Excelerate get Nurfed

Excelerate are currently 6-4 in MDL Season 2, having picked up wins over Blight, ETHEREAL, VAULT, and Forty Six and 2. Narrow losses to some of the league's top dogs — including Infamous and Spacestation — puts their chances of making playoffs this season in jeopardy as some of their more arduous matchups against the likes of Swole Patrol and Singularity still await.

This leaves Excelerate's roster with:

  • ca Jonathan "djay" Dallal
  • us Michael "agM" Abood
  • us Keanu "DaneJoris" Reyes
  • us Casey "SideStep" Hartzler
  • us Jimmy "Nurfed" McFadden

tconnors steps down from Excelerate; focusing on personal life

Excelerate are slated to go up against Spacestation for MDL later tonight, with their match set to kick off on DarfMike's Twitch channel at 10 PM EDT.

#1 djay
2018-10-24 18:19
#2 DarfMike
2018-10-24 18:24
That's a bummer. Thanks for the shout out though!
#3 cuze
2018-10-24 18:28
#4 scottiyio
2018-10-24 18:35
peter griffin
#5 Joe
2018-10-24 19:59
They still got Keanu Reeves tho
#6 Will
2018-10-25 03:22 mrw
#7 shrek
2018-10-25 08:13
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