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DreamHack Atlanta closed qualifier invites announced
eUnited & Spacestation among the four invited.
Written by: Baltybaby    October 19th 2018 6:12 pm    #DH #DreamHack #DreamHackAtlanta #DHAtlanta #DreamHackAtlanta2018 #eUnited #Luminosity #oNe #Spacestation  

The moose will attempt to let loose in Atlanta

The second iteration of DreamHack Atlanta have now had their invited closed qualifier teams announced, with eUnited, Spacestation, Luminosity and oNe all receiving invites.

Luminosity and eUnited have been featured in multiple DreamHack Open events this year, with both teams participating in Montreal and Austin, while Luminosity also made their way to Spain for DreamHack Valencia. Neither team have yet to raise a DreamHack Open trophy.

DAVEY and Oderus board Spacestation

Spacestation and oNe are both accepting their first invites to a DreamHack qualifier, whereas they previously were qualifying through the open qualifiers exclusively. oNe have yet to make their way through a closed qualifier yet, from the two that they've qualified for, and Spacestation will be playing with their new roster since adding David "DAVEY" Stafford and Chad "oderus" Miller.

With the invites, the team list for the closed qualifier will look as such:

us eUnited br Luminosity
br oNe us Spacestation
nam Open Qualifier nam Open Qualifier
nam Open Qualifier nam Open Qualifier

The closed qualifier is scheduled for October 21st, while the open qualifier is still open for registration until 9pm EDT tonight which can be found here. The open qualifier will run until tomorrow, with four spots to be earned.

DreamHack Masters set to hit Dallas in 2019

#1 Joe
2018-10-20 09:01
Interesting choices tbh. Why SSG and team one?
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