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Spacestation through to Gfinity Spring Series Consolidation Final
The team will face Mythic in their next game, which is yet to be scheduled.
Written by: DuckMoriarty    October 18th 2018 4:58 pm    #Gfinity #CEVO #GfinitySpringSeries2018 #Spacestation #Infamous #Mythic  

Snakes helps his team through in the Gfinity bracket

The Gfinity Spring Series continued with the Lower Bracket final between Spacestation and Infamous, with the CEVO tournament seeing itself reduce to just three remaining teams. The two teams facing off against each other in the best-of-three played Nuke, Inferno and Cache.

This match occurred before Spacestation made changes to their roster which saw David "DAVEY" Stafford and Chad "Oderus" Miller replacing Trevor "FrostayK" Bandle and Logan "Voltage" Long.

DAVEY and Oderus board Spacestation

The game started on Nuke, and it was a comfortable display for Spacestation, as they picked up the first eight rounds of the half before their opponents were able to chip in with a single round. The domination continued for the remainder of the half, as Voltage and co. secured a 12-3 lead at the break.

The second half saw Spacestation reach map point first, but a string of three rounds prevented them from claiming Nuke with a flawless second half, but it was still a 16-6 win for the team.

oNe, Mythic, Spacestation, and Infamous remain in Gfinity Spring Series

Inferno followed, and it was a much closer map. You'd be forgiven, however, for thinking so from the first half, where Brendan "Bwills" Williams and co. racked up a 7-1 lead for their team. It was in this half where Voltage was subbed out for Ian "motm" Hardy, due to the player suffering from "powerpoint" levels of lag. This didn't do his team any favors, as they finished the half 12-3 down.

The second half saw a resurgence for Spacestation, picking up the pistol round and constantly winning rounds which prevented Infamous from winning more than just one round at a time. But that wouldn't stop Infamous, as those singular round wins kept them ahead at all times, including them securing map point. From there, they only allowed two more round losses to occur before finally nailing the map down, with a 16-14 win.

MDL Week 3 Recap - cantwinalan make a resurgence

Cache was the final map, and after a pistol round and anti-eco win for Infamous, it was Ryan "Snakes" Amann and Spacestation's domain. The first half saw them take a five and six round run, only allowing their opponents two pairs of defuse round wins. With an 11-4 lead, Spacestation picked up all five required rounds without conceding to secure passage to the next round with a 16-4 win.

Gfinity Spring Series 2018 North America
Best of three maps
2 - 1
de_nuke 16 - 6 de_nuke
de_inferno 14 - 16 de_inferno
de_cache 16 - 4 de_cache

This result leaves Spacestation set to face Mythic in the next round. The remaining bracket looks as follows:

Consolidation Final
us Mythic vs. us Spacestation
Grand Final
br oNe vs. us Cons. Final winner

Due to roster restrictions, Spacestation will be unable to field their new recruits for the remainder of the event. Given FrostayK's departure, it is likely that newly-minted streamer Voltage and motm will step in for the team.

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2018-10-19 07:40
Too ez for mythic
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