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IEM Chicago to host Collegiate Invitational grand finals
Two varsity esports teams will clash in the Wintrust Arena.
Written by: bleghfarec    October 16th 2018 9:04 pm    #ESL #IEMChicago #MichiganState #UniversityofIllinoisatUrbanaChampaign #RobertMorris #OhioState  

SPERMY looks to represent Robert Morris University in Chicago

ESL have announced that two collegiate teams will face off in  the grand finals of the IEM Chicago Collegiate Invitational. The scholarly grand final will take place prior to the grand finals of the IEM Chicago main event.

eUnited qualify for IEM Chicago over Cloud9

The two teams will be decided through an online qualifier, which is currently underway. The qualifier's group stage originally began with 12 teams from various universities asross the midwest, with only six moving on to the playoffs stage.

Michigan State University and Robert Morris University were seeded into the semifinals, with the four teams clashing in the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals saw Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Ohio State see off Western Michigan and DePaul respectively, both in a 2-0 series.

nahtE: "It's good seeing new teams rise in [North America]"

The semifinals' matches are set to play out online on October 20th in two best-of-three matches. The two teams will then fly out to Chicago to play in the grand finals on the main stage in the Wintrust Arena. 

The two remaining online matchups are:

us Michigan State  vs. us llinois at Urbana Champaign
us Robert Morris vs. us Ohio State

The rosters for the four remaining teams are:

Michigan State University University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

us Aaron "aaronsfury" Baldwin
us Tony "AZN" Wong
us Aidan "Gen" Higgason
us Ezekial "zeeker-" Riley
us Mark "Input" Kistler
us Joshua "Nargles" Schwimmer (Coach)

us Danny "Bokuumbop" Yoo
us Eric "pie-" Lee
us Ollantay "Occam" Scocos
us Vincent "Laterz" Tai
us Daniel "YoungJefe" Fuentes
us Yunhyuk "Freinzy" Kang

Robert Morris University Ohio State University

us Liam "Welshy" Newhouse
us Hunter "koga" Allen
us Jacob "SPERMY" Younan
us Andy "LenNox" Collins
us John "Reality" Riley

us Matt "weat" Chilinski
us Michael "Tez" Tesmer
us Noah "Knowa" Barker
us Jeffery "G4CShooter" Jagger
us Ethan "Crisis" Snyder
us Zach "WestCentralZZ" Gay (Coach)

The results for the group stage and the playoffs bracket for the qualifier can be found on the event's Challonge page.

Relyks: "It felt particularly good for us qualifying for an event like [IEM Chicago]"

IEM Chicago is set to begin on November 6th and run through to November 11th, featuring a $250,000 prize pool. ESL is expected to continue hosting its annual IEM event in Chicago going forward and has indicated they intend to support the Midwest collegiate scene further in the future.

#1 Joe
2018-10-16 21:18
Ayy let's go Spartans :o

Dont think they have the best chances, but It would be cool if they pulled thru.
#3 nargles
2018-10-16 23:33
Don't worry we got this bb ;)
#10 Joe
2018-10-17 17:48
Best of luck! :D :D
#2 crackshotCS
2018-10-16 23:12
Tell me there's GOTVs for this
#4 el_jack0
2018-10-17 00:13
John "C" Riley... lol
#5 parks2214
2018-10-17 07:48
Wish York had gotten in on this
#6 006_tv
2018-10-17 07:56
Ez for Eric Pie Lee
#7 MagicHelmetTV
2018-10-17 10:10
Apparently DePaul has a team? Are they an official team or just a club? The administration I met with there said they don't want to get into CS because of the whole terrortist/ct part. hmm
#8 cuze
2018-10-17 11:02
Robert Morris wins
#9 Nurfed
2018-10-17 12:37
who is anyone besides rmu lol
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