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coldzera confirms thoughts of leaving in July
The Brazilian superstar considered leaving MIBR.
Written by: CarbonDogma    October 13th 2018 2:45 pm    #coldzera #MIBR #Liquid #FaZe #Na`Vi  

coldzera placed second at BLAST Pro Series Istanbul

In an interview with ESPN Esports Brazil, Marcelo "coldzera" David revealed that he indeed did consider leaving his current team MIBR back in June of this year. This was first reported by, with the report also stating that coldzera was favoring joining Liquid. coldzera denied having had his sights set on any team, saying he had just wanted to leave, not knowing where he would go.

tarik in talks with MIBR, coldzera considers leaving

The reason that coldzera cited for wanting to leave MIBR was a combination of both poor results and the challenge of communication with having Jake "Stewie2K" Yip in the team. He said it was very hard to adapt to the changes, but after talking with the team, he believed that he was overreacting to the poor results. After thinking more about it, coldzera then said "this is going to be the team that I will believe until the end."

MIBR take down Gorilla Gang to round out ECS team list

Since the report came out, MIBR have gone on to win the ZOTAC Cup Masters, place 3rd-4th at the FACEIT London Major, place second at BLAST Pro Series Istanbul, and qualify for ECS Season 6.

As far as LANs go, MIBR will next appear at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen shortly followed by IEM Chicago, where they will have chances to make their return to the elite.

EPL Week 1 Recap - Ghost shock MIBR

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I don't know which time line I would have liked more, MIBR going on and being successful, or coldzera joining liquid and being successful.
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