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StarSeries day two comes to a close; NRG and Renegades notch wins
The Australians are up 1-1, pushing compLexity down to an elimination match.
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jks led Renegades' new roster to their first match win on LAN

The second day of StarSeries i-League Season 6 has wrapped up, with Renegades' new lineup finding a win, taking down compLexity with ease on Mirage. Similarly, NRG crushed North's new lineup on Inferno.

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In the 0-1 pool, compLexity were matched up against the new roster of Renegades, who had recently gone 6-0 in the first week of EPL, two of which were wins against compLexity. Renegades kicked off Mirage by taking the first five rounds, with compLexity responding with three rounds of their own. Both teams continued to trade rounds, with Renegades taking two rounds each time, with Renegades ultimately coming out on top at halftime 9-6.

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Taking two rounds off the bat, compLexity nearly tied up the map before Renegades pulled out a perfect round, taking their score into the double-digits 10-8. The Australians converted their round win for three more rounds with compLexity finding one lone round in a B retake. The North Americans were unable to convert that round however, with Renegades resuming their streak to take the map 16-9. 

StarSeries i-League Season 6
Best of one map
9 - 16
de_mirage 9 - 16 de_mirage

In the 1-0 pool, NRG took on North, who had found a great start against OpTic yesterday. Ethan "nahtE" Arnold crushed North in the first half, as the North American team breezed through 12 of the first 13 rounds to take a huge lead 12-1. North finally found some light at the end of the half, with North taking the last two rounds to close the gap just slightly to 3-12. 

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North built off of the last two rounds of the first half, immediately taking the first four rounds of the second half. NRG retaliated with two rounds of their own, putting them at 14-7. North continued to push forward, putting themselves at double-digits 11-14, but NRG finally found their fifteenth round, putting them at match point. Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså was able to win North out one last round before NRG closed out the map 16-12, denying the Danes the comeback and putting themselves up 2-0 in the Swiss group stage.

StarSeries i-League Season 6
Best of one map
12 - 16
de_inferno 12 - 16 de_inferno

The matchups for tomorrow will look as such:

de BIG vs. nam compLexity 4:00 AM EDT
de Sprout vs. world HellRaisers 5:30 AM EDT
us NRG vs. dk Fragsters 7:00 AM EDT
fi ENCE vs. eu mousesports 8:30 AM EDT
au Renegades vs. cn TYLOO 10:00 AM EDT
lt Imperial vs. cn CyberZen 11:30 AM EDT
dk OpTic vs. ru Vega  1:00 PM EDT
dk North vs. kz Gambit 2:30 PM EDT

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