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AZIO and lmfao advance to ECS Challenger Cup
The final three invited teams are set to be revealed in the coming days.
Written by: Nohte    September 24th 2018 12:36 am    #ECS #ECSS6 #FACEIT #Bravado #GorillaGang #AZIO #lmfao #Infinite #motm #RenZ #Voltage #Snakes #retrQ  

Maybe Snakes will be able to play in the league he qualifies for this time

The second qualifier for the ECS Season 6 Challenger Cup has come to a close, seeing AZIO and lmfao advance to the final stage. They are joined by compLexity, who were relegated to play in the Season 6 Challenger Cup after placing 10th last season, as well as the two teams that advanced from the first qualifier in Bravado and Gorilla Gang.

Bravado and Gorilla Gang cruise through first ECS qualifier; to Challenger Cup

The day was set to kick off with the quarterfinal matches as usual, but only a trio of matches were played in the end as lmfao were awarded a forfeit win due to Alexander "retrQ" Kadan being auto-picked as the FACEIT captain and failing to show up to the match for blitz.

The first two quarterfinals that actually got played were more or less one-sided affairs — ETHEREAL secured a firm 2-0 over Blight despite Jimmy "Nurfed" McFadden's best efforts to keep the series competitive, and Fam143 took Vision to 3 maps only to get completely wiped out on the series decider of Mirage.

ECS Season 6 North America Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_overpass 16 - 7 de_overpass
de_mirage 16 - 11 de_mirage
de_inferno de_inferno

ECS Season 6 North America Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
2 - 1
de_cache 16 - 8 de_cache
de_overpass 6 - 16 de_overpass
de_mirage 16 - 2 de_mirage

AZIO took on the former BlackOut roster, who were playing under the tag "cantwinalan" and fielding Mitch "m1tch" Semago in place of Jonathan "Jonji" Carey, in the final quarterfinal matchup. It was AZIO who emerged victorious from the matchup after reverse-sweeping the series, falling on BlackOut's pick of Inferno before grabbing Nuke (16-11) and Overpass (16-12) for themselves.

BlackOut wake up without roster

ECS Season 6 North America Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
2 - 1
de_inferno 12 - 16 de_inferno
de_nuke 16 - 11 de_nuke
de_overpass 16 - 12 de_overpass

Ian "motm" Hardy's lmfao mix came out on top in the first semifinal matchup of the night, taking down ETHEREAL 2-0 on Inferno (16-13) and Mirage (16-6). It was the man of the match himself who pulled lmfao over the line on Inferno after a strong T side half, and with Austin "RenZ" Dickman stepping up on Mirage, the two players were able to combine for a quick series finish.

ECS Season 6 North America Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_inferno 16 - 13 de_inferno
de_mirage 16 - 6 de_mirage
de_dust2 de_dust2

The second semifinal of the night saw Vision up against AZIO, with the latter side grabbing a 2-0 victory on Inferno (16-13) and Nuke (16-9) to move on to the Challenger Cup. Although Vision seemed set to make the series a competitive one with a hot 10-5 start on the T side of Inferno, the trio of Logan "Voltage" Long, Ryan "Snakes" Amann, and Gage "Infinite" Green combined to give up only three rounds on their own T side to take Vision's map pick 16-13.

First day of ECS Season 6 Open Qualifier #2 complete

AZIO didn't let up on the T side of Nuke as constant pressure to Vision's CT economy kept the match close, leaving Infinite and co. trailing by only one round at the half. Once the sides swapped, Vision stood no chance — although they managed to win a second round force buy, AZIO immediately replied back and left Vision with only that single round on the board for a 16-9 second map win.

ECS Season 6 North America Qualifier 2
Best of three maps
2 - 0
de_mirage 16 - 13 de_mirage
de_nuke 16 - 9 de_nuke
de_overpass de_overpass

The team list for the ECS Season 6 Challenger Cup now looks as follows:

nam compLexity nam Invite
nam Invite nam Invite
za Bravado us Gorilla Gang
us AZIO us lmfao

Although the recipients of the trio of invite slots are currently unknown, it is likely that both MIBR and oNe will be given the chance to qualify for the FACEIT-run league. The ECS Season 6 Challenger Cup is set to kick off on September 27th, with the final three teams likely to be announced in the coming days. As always, you can find a list of upcoming events and signup links on the Calendar page.

FACEIT release details of ECS Season 6, Challenger Cup

#1 RenZ
2018-09-24 00:40
letsssss goooooooooooooooooo
#2 flutie
2018-09-24 00:58
ez for aim god renz, brain god tac, clutch god nervous, goodvibes god 4pack, and wideswing king motm
#3 tolkienfanatic
2018-09-24 05:39
That is a roooough look for the former BlackOut boys
#4 Joe
2018-09-24 06:32
Ayy, AZIO beat Vision
#5 shrek
2018-09-24 12:24
every szn i think blackout is gonna be nuts and they just arent
#6 Will
2018-09-24 13:02
#7 006_tv
2018-09-25 07:51
Ez for lmfao
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