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Swole Patrol stun NRG, to EPICENTER 2018 Wild Card
MarKE will travel to his first LAN event with the Swole Patrol.
Written by: bleghfarec    September 9th 2018 9:07 pm    #EPICENTER #EPICENTER2018 #SwolePatrol #NRG  

freakazoid and co. will flex their muscles in Moscow for a chance to qualify for the main event

After making their way through the bracket yesterday, the only thing between Swole Patrol and qualifying for the EPICENTER 2018 Wild Card was NRG. Despite being a highly-anticipated team set to compete in Pro League later this year, NRG were slightly hobbled due to Damian "daps" Steele currently analyzing for the FACEIT Major in London and with Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert standing in for the American team.

NRG to field n0thing for EPICENTER Closed Qualifier

The grand finals kicked off on Inferno where, despite Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov's uncharacteristic performance, NRG handily overcame the MDL team, taking the first map 16-5.

DreamHack Stockholm Day One: Ghost upset Na`Vi; NRG out

Cache started out in a similar fashion, with NRG dominating Swole Patrol 8-1. On the 10th round, Swole Patrol composed themselves and initiated a comeback, taking the last six rounds of the half to close the gap to just one round at 8-7, still in NRG's favor. NRG's lead didn't last for long however, as Swole Patrol continued to march forward, only conceding one round in the second half before Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro closed the map 16-9, tying the series.

Swole Patrol, CLG Red, UDED mix sign up for WESG

The two teams fought fiercely on Train, with NRG taking a slight lead in the first half 8-7. NRG and Swole Patrol traded leads in the second half, with NRG taking match point 15-10. Swole Patrol powered through five straight rounds, ultimately pushing the game into overtime. Despite strong performances from both CeRq and Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte, Swole Patrol pulled through again in overtime, taking Train 19-17 and closing the series 2-1.

EPICENTER 2018 North America Closed Qualifier
Best of three maps
1 - 2
Swole Patrol
de_inferno 16 - 5 de_inferno
de_cache 9 - 16 de_cache
de_train 17 - 19 de_train

Now qualified for the EPICENTER 2018 Wild Card, Swole Patrol join ENCE and in the qualifier event. The team list for the wild card is as such:

pl fi ENCE world Asia Qualifier
us Swole Patrol cis Qualifier  

The highest-ranked team in the team pool for the Wild Card is currently ENCE, who sit at #18 currently in the HLTV world rankings and will automatically proceed to the main event.. Swole Patrol are currently ranked #39 and will likely have to play in the qualifier bracket in Moscow. 

Cooper: "We threw away our opportunity [to make Pro]"

#1 iMarbot
2018-09-09 21:14
#2 Joe
2018-09-09 21:23
So from DreamHack Masters Stockholm to IEM Chicago there has been/going to be eight unique NA teams playing at major international events. Liquid, NRG, Cloud9, Ghost, coL, Rogue, eUnited, and now Swole Patrol.
#3 tolkienfanatic
2018-09-09 21:47
I'd say that is a good thing, wouldn't you?
#5 Joe
2018-09-09 22:04
For sure, it's just crazy how many different teams are out there. I remember a time when I thought it was crazy to see C9, Liquid, AND CLG all at one event.
#4 bleghfarec
2018-09-09 21:54
I wonder how long Cloud9 will be able to attend international events considering their performance in recent qualifiers. 😬
#6 Joe
2018-09-09 22:10
c9 to win second major at faceit london, confirmed
#7 006_tv
2018-09-10 07:51
Les go
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