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ShahZaM: "Rogue is the best possible matchup for us"
The NA squad is 2-1! The dream is alive!
Written by: Baltybaby    September 7th 2018 2:04 pm    #FACEIT #FACEITMajor2018 #ShahZaM #BIG #VegaSquadron #Liquid #HellRaisers #NiP #TYLOO #Astralis #compLexity #Rogue #North  

After Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan and the rest of compLexity were successful in defeating Space Soldiers,' very own tea-sipper Michael "Duck" Moriarty got a chance to sit down the AWPer and see what his thoughts on the Major were thus far.

FACEIT Major Qualifier Third Round matches drawn

You guys didn't get to play your game last night against Astralis and instead had to play it this morning, how much of an impact did that have for you and the team?

They were in the same situation but it was pretty unlucky that we had the last match of the night and had to play first thing in the morning. Some people already had a bunch of coffee and Red Bulls before the match and then had trouble going to sleep. Regardless, we clearly got outplayed by Astralis and we just have to keep our heads up.

So today you've had to go into your game against Space Soldiers as well, going into that game how were you staying awake and making sure you can play at a high level?

We all made sure to take naps in the middle of the day like 2-3 hours before actually having to go down and set-up. Everyone seemed awake and the intensity was high so it didn't seem like it effected us too much.

ShahZaM celebrating a round win with dephh. I assure you it's dephh.

You just beat Space Soldiers 16-11, although they played with their coach hardstyle, but it still a very good win for you guys, did you prepare beforehand watching demos or just going in with individual skill level?

We didn't really do any anti-strating. After watching the Inferno game against Rogue, we figured they'd rotate hardstyle around and play a lot more loose, like they had nothing to lose. So we focused on what we had to do, rather than singling out where the coach is.

Going into tomorrow, as the draw has yet to happen, who would you like to play against?

Who I'd least like to play is Gambit or BIG. Rogue for sure is the best possible matchup for us because of the history between us as teams like in the Minor. We're just always super confident any time we play [them].

As Murphy's Law would have it, ShahZaM had the unfortunate happenstance of drawing BIG on the third day. Fortunately for the squad, compLexity was able to pull out the victory 16-12 on Inferno. Going into the fourth day, compLexity carry a 2-1 record, leaving them with one game leeway from being eliminated. So far, they have the chance to draw Vega Squadron or HellRaisers, and avoid Astralis due to having played them in the first round.

NAF: "For this stage I just expect we 3-0 it."

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