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Cloud9 and MIBR invited to BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
The next stop after Istanbul is going to be Copenhagen.
Written by: Baltybaby    August 23rd 2018 11:28 am    #BLASTProSeries #Istanbul #Copenhagen #RoyalArena #Astralis #Cloud9 #FaZe #MIBR #NiP #RFRSH   

Royal Arena is going to have a lot of screaming Astralis fans.

With BLAST Pro Series Istanbul just a month away, BLAST has gone ahead and decided to announce the four new invitees to their November event BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen.

Astralis having already been announced prior, the new additions to the tournament look suspiciously like the ones going to Istanbul. The American squad Cloud9, pseudo-American team MiBR, the Swedish Ninjas in Pajamas and the international FaZe will all be in attendance.

Seeing as the event is in Denmark, it could be expected that the final invitee will be a Danish squad such as North. Regardless of the the identity of the last team, the lineup will look very similar to that from Istanbul, seeing four of six teams return.

The team list looks as such:

dk Astralis us Cloud9
eu FaZe br MIBR
se NiP world Invite

In the meantime, BLAST Pro Series Istanbul is scheduled for September 28th through 29th. You can check all dates on the calendar.

MIBR finalize BLAST Pro Series Istanbul teams

#1 Joe
2018-08-23 11:52
I guess Liquid was busy.
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