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A$AP Forever win Midwest CS:GO Kansas City LAN
mCe takes his second Kansas City LAN title with the Gang.
Written by: bleghfarec    August 22nd 2018 8:35 am    #MidwestCSGO #A$APForever #SecretGeniusesClub #TobeTardandTheAssociates #rockFordsbangGang  

After placing 3rd at Fragadelphia, Vanity and co. are victorious in Kansas City

A$AP Forever, a mix led by three Gorilla Gang players, has won the recent iteration of the Kansas City LAN organized by Midwest CS:GO, taking home $2,500 over Secret Geniuses Club. 

Novastar Kansas City LAN announced for July

The grand finals kicked off on Overpass, with A$AP handily taking the first four rounds before SGC halted their streak with a successful bomb plant. SGC's victory was brief however, as A$AP regained control, taking another four rounds before SGC found another round off an eco. Both teams traded rounds, with SGC managing to pull a three-round win streak, before A$AP closed out the half 10-5.

Both teams were neck-and-neck in the second half, with A$AP taking the pistol before falling in the next two rounds. Anthony "Vanity" Malaspina's team rebounded, swiping away the last five rounds to take the map 16-7, bringing them 1-0 in the series. 

Former FakeOut Nation players bans come to an end

SGC gained the early lead on Nuke on the CT-side, taking the first four rounds before A$AP retaliated with three straight rounds before SGC found their fourth round. Led by Vanity, A$AP managed to take six straight rounds, with the half ending 9-6 in A$AP's favor.

Taking advantage of the CT-side, A$AP easily retained their lead, taking the first three rounds, bringing the score to 12-6. After SGC finally found their first round of the half, A$AP resumed their dominance, taking four straight rounds to take the map 16-7 and closing out the grand finals in a 2-0 series.

The final standings for the top 4 at Midwest CS:GO Kansas City LAN playoffs are:

1st. us A$AP Forever (Vanity, ben1337, ryann, mCe, FrostayK) - $2,500
2nd. us Secret Geniuses Club (rAfOOL, el_jack0, Little_f, JackZ, Aaron) - $1,000
3rd-4th. us TobeTard and The Associates  (TobemeisteR, CaptChaosB1uely, Leviathan, Tuesday, exotic) - $500
3rd-4th. us rockFord's bang Gang (JimrockFord, Tyreal, M1q, sNare, zequate) - $500

#1 Joe
2018-08-22 08:51
nt jack0
#2 el_jack0
2018-08-22 11:16
thank u
#3 nguyen
2018-08-22 13:00
ez for 1vanity
#4 Leviathan
2018-08-22 17:47
3rd/4th feelsgoodman
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