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Former FakeOut Nation players bans come to an end
As Season 29 approaches, five players' bans have been lifted.
Written by: bleghfarec    August 14th 2018 12:03 am    #FakeOutNation #CMX #lowrider #quick #Reality #exotic #ESEAS29 #ESEAMS27 #ESEA #Bravado  

The former roster of FakeOut Nation have been unbanned from ESEA following the end of ESEA Season 28.

FakeOut Nation banned from ESEA for match throwing

The unbanned players are:

  • us Chase "lowrider" Releford
  • us Riley "Reality" Fusch
  • us Aurele "quick" Hebert
  • us CMX
  • us exotic

The five players were banned by ESEA in Season 27, following an investigation into a match they played against Bravado. ESEA stated in a blog post that FakeOut Nation were throwing the match in order to change their seeding in the playoffs and better their chances of qualifying for MDL. 

CMX: "We all have learned our lesson"

As the team were removed from Main and were effectively demoted to Open, it is unknown if the team will be looking to reform for next season. However, lowrider has revealed over Twitter that he will be attending the upcoming Midwest LAN in Kansas City with quick and cmx.

Bravado blindsides Vision to win MDL Season 28

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