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Excelerate lose tweiss and L0NER
Down to three, the MDL side will look to find two additions for Season 29.
Written by: CarbonDogma    August 9th 2018 4:15 pm    #Excelerate #tconnors #djay #agM #L0NER #tweiss #stellar #ESEAMDLS28 #ESEAMDLS29 #Sidestep #C0M  

The face of a teamless player in the offseason

Following the results of Fragadelphia 12, both Jacob "L0NER" Webster and Tyler "tweiss" Weiss have tweeted that they will not be continuing in Excelerate. This also comes after Brenden "stellar" McGrath stood in for tweiss at Fragadelphia due to the 19 year old having already planned a trip during the event.

tweiss further explained on Twitter that he would likely not continue to play unless an organization presented a salary that would outweigh what he would get working and the costs of attending school. As for the reason he was cut from Excelerate, both tweiss and the team have said that due to him not being able to play in many LANs or qualifiers, he could not stay in the lineup. has also learned that tweiss never signed a contract with the Excelerate organization, in part due to the reasons stated above.

Will to Win accelerate their will to win with Excelerate

The reasons cited for L0NER's removal was due to him being forced into a role on the team that he was not comfortable with. knows that the team is currently undergoing trials for new players, including former Vikings duo Casey "Sidestep" Hartzler and Corbin "C0M" Lee, and that the final roster should be confirmed in the next weeks.

Here is Excelerate's current roster:

  • us Thomas "tconnors" Connors
  • ca Jonathan "djay" Dallal
  • us Michael "agM" Abood
  • us Corey "ruin" Hartog (Coach)

As of now, Excelerate have no events on the calendar save for MDL Season 29.

ruin in Excelerate

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2018-08-09 16:31
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twiess can finger my team
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2018-08-09 17:37
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