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koga: "Blaming tyfoon... was just stupid"
The former Levitate member wanted to set the record straight on tyfoon and the end of Levitate.
Written by: CarbonDogma    August 7th 2018 6:51 pm    #Levitate #SPERMY #juice #koga #Axed #tyfoon #ESEAMDLS28  

tyfoon got some bad press after Levitate ended

Just over a month after the disbanding of Levitate, Hunter "koga" Allen reached out to us to provide a statement about the situation and hope to clarify aspects of the drama, especially after the comments made by former teammate Thomas "Axed" Ryan.

koga initially said that he "felt like it was in bad taste to just throw [tyfoon] under the bus," that he "has massive potential," and "how [Axed] handled the whole situation isn't fair to tyfoon because the team was in shambles."

Axed: "tyfoon as a teammate and player was a nightmare"

In reference to the specific gameplay accusations made against Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic, koga says the characterization of the young Moldovan/Canadian was harsh, and that "literally everyone made mistakes on our team."

About the missing matches, he also stated "[tyfoon] slept through one match, and his father made him get off the computer for one. We got a reschedule for one and played with a stand-in for the second."

tyfoon and Smiley top FPL-C season, qualify for FPL (maybe)

koga also reflected on his own actions and said that he "was very critical in the moment. As everyone is in a situation where a team is falling apart and people like to put the blame on other people," and that "blaming tyfoon just for an outlet of anger was just stupid in my opinion."

As for koga's future, he told us that he is working towards making FPL through FPL Challenger, where he is currently at the top of the leaderboard. He finished off by saying he is still being patient about a team and is looking at all possibilities.

Levitate fall to the ground

#1 shrek
2018-08-07 19:04
#2 stellar
2018-08-07 19:20
waiting for hentai hooligans article
#14 tolkienfanatic
2018-08-08 09:59
Too busy writing a stellar vs. hazed article
#3 Joe
2018-08-07 20:13
#4 bowman
2018-08-07 20:53
tyfoon is my brother
#5 Will
2018-08-07 21:11
tyfoon i know ur gonna read this go back to the canadian flag u canadian fuck
#6 tyfoon
2018-08-07 22:00
#7 WallehZz-4LO
2018-08-07 22:50
let him rep his nationality dawg
#8 Will
2018-08-08 00:00
#9 WallehZz-4LO
2018-08-08 00:49
can both us Wills agree that the moldovan flag is better
canada got two colors and a maple leaf
moldova got a tricolor with a coat of arms
#12 Joe
2018-08-08 08:14
moldova also has the word "mold" in it, and that's kinda gross
#15 Will
2018-08-08 14:53
nah canada flag > every flag
#13 bleghfarec
2018-08-08 08:26
Call up Justin Trudeau and tell him to annex Moldova then
#16 Will
2018-08-08 14:54
on it chief
#10 fows
2018-08-08 01:25
this what happens when good players (tyfon, Kog) play with bad lplayers
#11 Cha1ns
2018-08-08 07:03
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2018-08-08 20:04
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2018-08-08 23:13
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