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Team freakazoid wins MDL All-Star match
freakazoid himself stepped up in the match.
Written by: CarbonDogma    July 29th 2018 12:00 am    #ESEA #MDL #MDLAll-Star #freakazoid #swag  

freakazoid put up good ratings on all three maps

The MDL All-Star game between Team freakazoid and Team swag has finished with freakazoid's chosen players coming out on top of his new teammate's chosen five, taking the series 2-1 (16-14 Cache, 9-16 Nuke, 16-4 Mirage).

The first map started off with an enormous 9-1 lead for Team swag on the Terrorist side of Cache, with the half eventually ending 10-5. Team freakazoid mounted a huge second half comeback however, with Ian "motm" Hardy leading the charge. The young in-game leader's 29 kills helped his side to steal away the map 16-14.

Swole Patrol look to FYB with swag and MarKE

On map two, Team swag once again got off to a massive lead, starting first with 5-0, and then later a lead of 10-3. Despite taking five rounds in a row, Team freakazoid could not force a comeback this time, and despite the efforts of Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir himself, Team swag tied the series with a 16-9 win on Nuke.

It seems Team freakazoid had enough, as they answered back on the third map with a huge 7-0 lead. With James "hazed" Cobb unleashed, Team freakazoid converted it into a 14-1 halftime score. Team swag could only muster three rounds in the second half before succumbing to Team freakazoid, who took the map 16-4 and the series 2-1.

ESEA MDL Season 28 North America All-Star Game
Best of three maps
MDL All-Star swag
1 - 2
MDL All-Star freakazoid
de_cache 14 - 16 de_cache
de_nuke 16 - 9 de_nuke
de_mirage 4 - 16 de_mirage

Each player of the winning team has won $1,000 while each player of the losing team has won $250 for their efforts.

ESEA Season 28 playoffs underway

#1 1motm
2018-07-29 00:17
g barrrrrrrrrrr
#2 Will
2018-07-29 01:36
#3 KennyBoyAzylu
2018-07-29 02:04
highlight in his career for sure
#4 Joe
2018-07-29 08:45
Ez for sonic
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