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Fam143 overhaul roster; drop Anzoh, LaffyTs, perez
The MDL squad has overhauled their roster as they prepare for MDL Season 28 and upcoming qualifiers.
Written by: Nohte    July 18th 2018 10:46 pm    #ESEAMDLS28 #ESEAMDLS29 #Fam143 #Anzoh #LaffyTs #Perez #rugrat #KLUMZ #draek #NEXlevel_TV #Skywalker #jchancE  

Season 29 will have a (mostly) new family in play

Fam143 have made a number of changes to their roster with the conclusion of the regular season for MDL Season 28. With a number of online qualifiers on the horizon. Fam143 felt now was the time to overhaul their roster to  ensure that everyone had the "same drive, goals, and passion" going into the upcoming MDL season and online qualifiers.

The team has chosen to remove William "LaffyTs" Robertin, Branden "Anzoh" Anzovino, and coach Joseph "perez" Perez in their biggest move to date. Their prior change saw the removal of in-game leader Jakeb "Siberia" Bibb, who was replaced by Sahej "Skywalker" Dhillon soon after.

Fam143 use the Force and add Skywalker

With the removal of three members of the team,  27-year-old Justin "NeX" McLellan is set to take over as coach in place of perez. Nassir "rugrat" Francique, Ahsan "draek" Ismailzadah, and Toryon "KLUMZ" Kelley have been enlisted to replace the removed players.

KLUMZ joins the team after spending a season with XFORCE, who's lackluster results sees them hovering at the bottom of the MDL standings. He's joined by his former teammate rugrat, who played for a number of teams this season including XFORCE, Clutch Solutions, and Prospects. The final addition, draek, played in Advanced for Cerus earlier in the season, and last made an appearance in MDL as part of Coast in Season 19. Coast went on to qualify for Professional, where draek and co. finished in last place after the team disbanded later in the season.

KLUMZ and rugrat will play out relegation for MDL Season 28 on XFORCE and Prospects, respectively, before making the move over. They are still slated to play for the team for other qualifiers and online leagues.

The move follows middling results for Fam143 in their debut season, finishing in 13th place with a 7-9 record. Their performance in online qualifiers was similar, with the team unable to make it past rosters above them in MDL. Notably, Fam143 was disqualified from competing in the Americas Minor Closed Qualifier due to a VAC ban from LaffyTs, who has now been removed from the team.

Fam143 disqualified from the Minor Closed Qualifier

With these changes, Fam143's roster looks as follows:

  • us Caleb "jaychancE" Davis
  • us Sahej "Skywalker" Dhillon
  • ca Nassir "rugrat" Francique
  • us Ahsan "draek" Ismailzadah
  • us Toryon "KLUMZ" Kelley
  • us Justin "NEX" McLellan (Coach)

MDL Season 28 has come to an end for the Fam, leaving them awaiting the start of Season 29. In the meantime, Fam143 will play CEVO Main matches as they look to develop the team further, and also plan to play in the Fragadelphia 12 online qualifier this weekend.

Fragadelphia 12 announced

#1 shrek
2018-07-19 00:27

not even sure if this is an upgrade or not

nex moving to coach is for the best tho unfortunately
#4 NEXlevel_TV
2018-07-19 10:06
Yeah NEXlevel brain, not NEXlevel fragging :)
#6 shrek
2018-07-19 18:45
u got this man
#8 NEXlevel_TV
2018-07-20 13:57
Why can't I Like this!?! Dust2 I want a little heart next to comments please!
#9 shrek
2018-07-20 15:25
#2 WallehZz-4LO
2018-07-19 00:40
um cool ig
#3 Joe
2018-07-19 08:34
Lmao I remember coast....
#5 Will
2018-07-19 13:55
-draek +anzoh
#7 nguyen
2018-07-20 12:51
yall cut my trigger anzoh thats flaw
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