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Prospects fill up the bench; rugrat leaves XFORCE hanging
One teams gain is another teams loss.
Written by: tolkienfanatic    July 9th 2018 9:45 pm    #Prospects #XFORCE #rugrat #real_bM #ESEAMDLS28 #Fighter #impsta #Monstars  

Josh "JoshRT" Lee has shored up his Prospects roster with Nassir "rugrat" Francique and Mike "real_bM" Desanto.

When reached by, the captain indicated that these roster additions were made proactively in preparation for relegation at the end of the season, as several  members of the current roster have mentioned they may not be available during the relegation period.

Fighter retires, rugrat joins XFORCE

It is not expected that there will be an active change to the Prospects roster at this time.

real_bM has been largely out of action since Season 22 of MDL, during which he played with Josh "joshbM" Blier's Blight squad. rugrat, on the other hand, comes to the team by way of XFORCE. He has gained a single win for his troubles, moving from a 2-9 team to a 3-9 side.

The departure puts XFORCE in a pickle, as the league's roster lock has now passed, and they are left with only five people on their roster, including the retired Giovanni "Fighter" Leo. When contacted by regarding the possibility of him returning to the game to help out his former buds, Fighter said there is "not a chance I open [CS:GO] ever again."

Prospects rope in Strings

XFORCE captain Daniel "impsta" Whaley was more optimistic when contacted, saying he believes he will be able to convince Fighter to tough it out for five more matches. In lieu of that, he is willing to play the remaining matches a man down.

XFORCE's next match is scheduled to take place at 10 PM EDT later tonight, against Monstars.

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2018-07-09 22:47
Verizon is quitting for dota
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