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tyfoon surfs out of Levitate
Levitate are left dry as tyfoon leaves the roster.
Written by: bleghfarec    June 29th 2018 10:30 pm    #ESEAMDLS28 #Levitate #tyfoon   

After half a season with the team, tyfoon has parted ways with Levitate

Levitate have lost their only Canadian player as Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic has left the team. tyfoon originally joined Levitate, then ex-eRa, before the start of the current MDL season in May, after leaving Mask Off at the end of the previous season.

tyfoon comes into ex-eRa for madcow

The 17-year-old's departure is likely related by the team's forfeiture of two straight matches in the MDL regular season to Fam143 and Vikings, as well as the team losing four straight matches in a row.

We reached out to tyfoon regarding his departure from the team and the player replied that it "seems like nobody really cared." An earlier tweet from former teammate Thomas "Axed" Ryan further indicates that dedication appeared to be waning within the team.

With tyfoon gone, Levitate's roster is:

  • us Jacob "SPERMY" Younan
  • us Adam "juice" Sar
  • us Hunter "koga" Allen

Levitate have yet to announce a replacement for tyfoon or Axed, likely because of the short notice of their departures, however the team has posted a recruitment ad on ESEA to refill their roster.

Levitate are currently still participating in the NA MDL, where they are sitting low in the rankings with a 3-7 record in 19th place. The team have two upcoming matches against Squirtle Squad and Bravado, as well as delayed games against RESOLUTE and Monstars that are still awaiting a reschedule. 

Fam143 and Armada cruise their way to Minor Closed Qualifier

Levitate have also recently participated in the NA Minor Open Qualifier #3, where they were shut down in the quarterfinals by Fam143 in a 2-0 series.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article listed Thomas "Axed" Ryan as an active member of Levitate's roster.

#1 JenseN
2018-06-29 22:34
#2 Droid
2018-06-29 22:38
yo axed is gone too wym
#3 shrek
2018-06-29 23:13
axed article soon tm
#4 cuze
2018-06-29 23:15
Down to 3 players u nubs
#5 Matty
2018-06-29 23:21
#6 nguyen
2018-06-30 14:18
Madcow disease lingers
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