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DECENT! RESOLUTE score Freedom 35
The organization has made a swift return to ESEA, this time with an MDL squad.
Written by: bleghfarec    June 26th 2018 10:39 am    #ESEAMDLS28 #RESOLUTE #Freedom35 #4sh0t #food #TenZ #Toy #Jonji #Dignitas #ReallyOldPeople  

Jonji and co. have found an organization to represent

The North American organization RESOLUTE has signed the roster of Freedom 35, who are currently competing in the MDL division of ESEA.

While the organization has not formally announced the team, their ESEA page has already been updated. have learned that the announcement is expected this afternoon.

RESOLUTE had previously housed an ESEA Advanced roster in the current season, however the roster was forced to disband after they were disqualified from the league due to roster issues. 

RESOLUTE disband due to roster rules

The RESOLUTE roster is now:

  • us Sam "4sh0t" Mariano
  • us Victor "food" Wong
  • ca Tyson "TenZ" Ngo
  • us David "Toy" Han
  • ca Jonathan "Jonji" Carey

RESOLUTE are currently in fifth place with a 5-1 record in the MDL standings. They are currently scheduled for two matches this week, against the likes of Really Old People and Dignitas.

The team most recently participated in the Americas Minor NA closed qualifier, where they notched wins against The Pioneers and oNe. They ultimately made it to the final round, where they fell to Luminosity.

Swole Patrol round out Americas Minor team list

The team also made it to the final round of the ESL One New York NA open qualifier, but had their path to the closed qualifier blocked off by compLexity, who knocked them out of the qualifier in a 2-0 series.

#1 LuWi
2018-06-26 12:37
resolute to win s28
#2 shrek
2018-06-26 13:47
this team is so good
#3 SuperShark-_-
2018-06-26 14:09
Tbh the logo of resolute looks a lot like the origen's logo
#5 006_tv
2018-06-28 10:20
That’s what I thought too!
#4 006_tv
2018-06-26 17:26
Food the GAWD joining a legit organization
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