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Clutch Solutions look to RivaL the competition with overhauled roster
After the exodus, they raid the Advanced division for some replacements.
Written by: DuckMoriarty    June 25th 2018 4:30 pm    #ESEA #ESEAMDLS28 #ClutchSolutions #kuba #4pack #agony #joshbM #Sneaky #FPL #rugrat #bwills #Skywalker  

Clutch Solutions suffered a small exodus last week, with three of their members all leaving the team in quick succession. Finally, after a few days of practicing with their new squad members, the solution has been confirmed.

Clutch Solutions in freefall after losing Skywalker and Bwills

The first two members of the squad to arrive as replacements both come from the Advanced division team RivaL. Jakub "kuba" Matyskiewicz and Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak both slot into the side after spells with the team that stretched back to last season, where they fell to Fam143 in the quarterfinals of the Main playoffs. They had been some of their team's best performers this season, even with their team currently sitting in the bottom half of the league on a 3-4 record, before taking the step up to MDL.

The final addition to the roster is Anthony "agony" Masterton. Not much is known about agony, bar him competing in a Main team at the start of the season before moving onto Advanced team Resolute, which fell apart not too long after due to roster rules. He also is currently in the top five of FPL-C.

RESOLUTE disband due to roster rules

Although two of the three additions are yet to pay up their league fees, the team has already competed in the ESL One New York qualifier, where they fell to Armada 16-6 in the second round.

The new Clutch Solutions roster is as follows:

  • us Josh “joshbM” Blier
  • us David "Sneaky" Polster
  • us Jakub "kuba" Matyskiewicz
  • us Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak
  • us Anthony "agony" Masterton

The team's first match in MDL is set to be against Fam143 tonight at 10pm EDT.

#1 agony
2018-06-25 17:37
hello i am agony and u spelled my last name wrong

it is spelled "masterton"

edit: can i also get my dust2us mdl badge please and thank you

please fix thank you
#2 madcow
2018-06-25 18:40
4bag and kooba GODS
#3 NEXlevel_TV
2018-06-27 10:17
Good new roster for sure! GL Guys!
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