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Ghost confirm Torqued core addition
The organization has confirmed core of Torqued have joined forces with Subroza and Wardell
Written by: bleghfarec    June 10th 2018 2:01 pm    #GhostGaming #Torqued #Wardell #Subroza #Pollo #steel #koosta #JamezIRL #seb #vSa  

Koosta returns to the Pro League

Two weeks after the departure of Braxton "swag" Pierce and Keven "AZK" Lariviere from Torqued, Ghost has confirmed the remaining trio of the North American MDL team have signed with Ghost Gaming, confirming our previous reports.

As we had previously reported, the remaining players of Torqued, including their coach James "JamezIRL" Macaulay, will join Matthew "Wardell" Bowman and Yassine "Subroza" Taofik, with Ghost benching Sebastian "seb" Bucki and in-game leader Andy "vSa" Xu to accomodate for the new players.

Ghost look to overhaul roster with Torqued trio

With these changes, Ghost Gaming’s newly torqued roster is:

  • ca Matthew "Wardell" Bowman
  • ca Yassine "Subroza" Taofik
  • us Matt "Pollo" Wilson
  • ca Joshua "steel" Nissan
  • us Kenneth "koosta" Suen
  • us James "JamezIRL" Macaulay (Coach)

As the new roster retains the core of Torqued, Ghost Gaming will inherit the team’s spot at ESL One: Belo Horizonte, which will be the new roster’s first event. Torqued had previously qualified for the event through the North American qualifier, beating other Pro League teams such as NRG, Rogue, and compLexity. The roster will have their work cut out for them in Brazil, with their first matchup of the event being against FaZe.

swag and AZK form new team to play MDL

The team will later participate in ESL Pro League Season 8, with Ghost Gaming retaining their spot after edging out a 9th place finish in the previous season. As well as being the first season of Pro League for steel and Pollo, koosta returns to the professional league, having played in seasons prior with Enemy, Liquid, and CLG.

The MDL spot previously owned by Torqued is being used by swag and AZK, with the duo forming a team to participate in the league after their departure from the main squad.

ESL One Belo Horizonte initial matches released, horvy to FaZe cut short

#1 iMarbot
2018-06-10 14:09
#2 Brooks
2018-06-10 14:16
feel bad for vSa hoping he lands on his feet
#4 Frog
2018-06-10 14:43
#3 cuze
2018-06-10 14:17
???? vSa was literally one of the best players and IGLed omegaLUL
#5 shrek
2018-06-10 14:58
#6 006_tv
2018-06-10 17:00
Rip vSa
Maybe if things don't work out with wardell/subroza he can come back in
Dual IGL pogchamp
#7 shrek
2018-06-10 22:29
rip vsa
#8 osorandom
2018-06-10 22:47
Sucks for my boy vSa
#9 Will
2018-06-10 23:43
-Pollo +vSa
#10 Will
2018-06-11 04:41
also -koosta +gMd
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