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ex-Grizzlys form rosters
Yes, rosterS plural.
Written by: CarbonDogma    May 22nd 2018 8:15 pm    #ex-Grizzlys #vek #theTRUTH #AB #retchy #fiziq #stamina #crazylegs  

vek will play half the season to keep the spot

The MDL roster fo ex-Grizzlys has been finalized, with Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano, Lucas "fiziq" Blow, and Antonio "AB" Benzan joining Alex "vek" Voynov and Jake "theTRUTH" Hass for the first half of the season.

Due to the rest of the former Grizzlys roster departing the team, vek and theTRUTH need to play eight matches in order for the team to retain their spot in the league.

Grizzlys set to drop support of MDL team

After this threshold is passed however, coach/in-game leader Bobby "stamina" Eitrem and Bradley "crazylegs" Waddington will step in for vek and theTRUTH.

This creates two different rosters for each half of the MDL season. For the first half:

  • ca Alex "vek" Voynov
  • us Jake "theTRUTH" Hass
  • ca Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano
  • us Lucas "fiziq" Blow
  • ca Antonio "AB" Benzan
  • us Bobby "stamina" Eitrem (Coach)

And for the second half of the season:

  • ca Sebastian "retchy" Tropiano
  • us Lucas "fiziq" Blow
  • ca Antonio "AB" Benzan
  • us Bobby "stamina" Eitrem
  • us Bradley "crazylegs" Waddington

ex-Grizzlys will have their first match on Thursday the 24th against Freedom 35.

Freedom 35 drop Winsum for Jonji

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