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CUNY Baruch defeat RMU to repeat as CSL champions
It's two in a row for CUNY Baruch after they took down RMU 2-0 in the Grand Finals of the CSL 2018 Spring Season.
Written by: devil    April 30th 2018 12:36 pm    #CSL #CollegiateStarleague #UCLA #CUNYBaruch #fiven #RMUEagles #Binghamton #JacksMoneyCrew #4sh0t #Toy #food #LenNox #Reality #SPERMY  

The 2018 Collegiate Starleague Finals came to a close yesterday with CUNY Baruch taking out Robert Morris University in a 2-0 fashion to secure their second consecutive CSL title and the $10,000 first place prize.

The CUNY Baruch squad was comprised of many notable ESEA Main/MDL veterans such as Sam "4sh0t" Mariano, Victor "food" Wong and David "Toy" Han.

Collegiate Starleague teams decided for LAN finals

CSL Tweeted out the winning moment for CUNY Baruch as they lifted the trophy for their school a second time in as many years, which can be seen below:

The series between the two began on Nuke, with RMU closing out the first half with a decisive 9-6 scoreline on their CT-side. The tables were quickly turned, however, as CUNY Baruch claimed all but one round when they switched sides, running away with the game till it's 16-10 conclusion for the New Yorkers.

SUNY Binghamton squad banned by CSL for account sharing

The final map in the series took place on Overpass, with a stark shift in momentum for either team, as the first half was a tedious back-and-forth for the two until an eventual 8-7 scoreline, with CUNY Baruch just barely edging out the lead on their CT-side.

There was a glimmer of hope for RMU after they managed to disrupt CUNY Baruch's economy on a sparse pistol buy in round eighteen, just after the New York-based team took the pistol and subsequent round, but their lackluster defense would be their demise. CUNY Baruch ran away with the game shortly after, ending the map and tournament on the back of a 16-9 victory.

The prize distribution for the CSL 2018 Spring Season can be found below:

  • 1st: us CUNY Baruch (4sh0t, food, Toy, versace, Yudickmeister) - $10,000
  • 2nd: us RMU (AwoL, Welshy, SPERMY, Reality, LenNox) - $6,000
  • 3rd-4th: us VCU (blur, Chaz, Akathevirus, rahul, CEGUSVTW) - $3,000
  • 3rd-4th: us UCLA (oniichan, SCOTT_STERLING, crazypancake, gosu, gimp) - $3,000
  • 5th-8th: us UCSD Triton - $1,000
  • 5th-8th: us Virginia Tech - $1,000
  • 5th-8th: ca UBC Esports - $1,000
  • 5th-8th: us UCR - $1,000
  • 8th-16th: us Wichita Shocker Esports - $500
  • 8th-16th: us UCI Gold - $500
  • 8th-16th: us UCF Knights - $500
  • 8th-16th: us UMD.Red - $500
  • 8th-16th: us Georgia State University - $500
  • 8th-16th: us TAMU Fightin' Texas Aggies - $500
  • 8th-16th: us BU Jack's Money Crew - $500
  • 8th-16th: us UCSC - $500

The second place finish is the second in a row for RMU, who also finished as also-rans against the Canadians from York University in AVGL earlier in the month.

York win AVGL Spring Finals over Robert Morris

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