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WPL: Reck- and _Firestar_ lead their divisions mid-way through April
Activity is soaring in the Western Pro League hubs for Season 2, with several new faces gracing the leader boards.
Written by: devil    April 15th 2018 7:12 pm    #WesternProLeague #WPL #FACEIT #FPL #FPL-C #Reck- #-clouds #vek #FASCiN8 #Aluminumcs #fows- #Salttyyy #cole #Thigwrb #MJ3 #_Firestar_ #-nKzero #KP_fps #cpredsox #lazypanda #J0ker1znogod #chadderbox #cuze- #kyokoboys #h0opla  

It's been awhile since we've done a WPL update, but April's ladders have been booming. Here we give a mid-month glance at both our divisions to see how everyone is faring so far.

WPL comes up short in first NA FPL-C qualifier

Some familiar faces from last months season have made appearances again in this months top ten standings. With Anthony "vanity" Malaspina promoted to FPL-C and SBE_Jaden nowhere in sight, room has been made for Reck- and -clouds to take the commanding leads in Division 1. With a sizeable 250 point lead above the rest, Reck- is going to be sitting comfortably in his position for some time.

The current Division 1 standings are as follows:

Name Matches Wins Points
us Ethan "Reck" Serrano 40 33 1,899
us Matthew "clouds" Heise 35 20 1,645
ca Alex "vek" Voynov 26 16 1,634
us FASCiN8 34 19 1,631
us Aluminumcs 31 16 1,589
gr Manousos "fows" Kouidis 8 6 1,566
us Salttyyy 7 5 1,552
us Cole "cole" Werry 27 15 1,602
us Thigwrb 5 4 1,547
us MJ3 8 5 1,543

Division 2 has seen nearly as much activity on the ladder in the first two weeks of April that it saw in the entire month of March. With Aceflyin out of the hub altogether, several new faces have popped up in the lower division. _Firestar_ has taken his place as the gatekeeper for first in the standings, with a 107 point lead above -nKzero who sits in second place.

Gorillas Gang up on Swole Patrol to win Masters #2 powered by

The ranking leaders for Division 2 can be found below:

Name Matches Wins Points
us Blake "Firestar916" Houston 90 53 1,909
us -nKzero 84 46 1,802
us Erik "KP" Lytle 93 49 1,790
us Chris "cpredsox" 95 49 1,772
us Sam "lazypanda" E. 68 36 1,716
ca Gaurav "J0ker1znogod" Sarup 33 22 1,709
us chadderb0x 59 31 1,682
ba cuze- 19 15 1,674
us kyokoboys 35 21 1,668
br h0opla 48 26 1,666

It's never too late to join one of our hubs. There are still two weeks left in April to grind your way to a piece of our $1,500 prize pool for Season 2, or a spot in the FPL-C qualifier. Click the link below to get started on your FPL journey.

#1 cuze
2018-04-15 19:38
my flag is messed up you frickin noobs
#3 cuze
2018-04-16 15:56
Ay you fixed it fuck yea that hella dope
#2 Firestar
2018-04-15 21:15
we out here bois
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