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2017-11-01 15:40  |  
Looking for two for LAN ETS in Montreal. February 9th-11th.
#1 Will
2017-11-01 15:42
link me to it I might be able to go
#2 Joe
2017-11-01 15:43
#3 Will
2017-11-01 15:44
same venue as dreamhack. that hotel is expensive as fuck but its really nice. my room was right next to CajunB's
#4 Joe
2017-11-01 15:46
Yeah, hotels round there are expensive, I was probably going to sleep at my computer again next year.
#6 Will
2017-11-01 18:11
Think I'll do that if I can go. I'll have to see
#5 ScrawnyCG
2017-11-01 15:52
See you there!
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