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r-line Rolls into GX
2018-06-18 20:14  |  
GX has acquired the assistance of Jack "r-line" Son today in the void left by S "IPlayTeemoSupp0rt" am. Many are calling this the best roster move in the history of IM and this could be the start of the NA era of Counter-Strike. All eyes are currently on the as-of-yet unproven player to see if he can preform at the highest level, or if he will crumble under the pressure.
#1 r-line
2018-06-18 22:08
Looks like r-line was the perfect addition to this roster, as they stomped their first match with him officially on the roster. Looking forward to seeing more of this player in MDL next year.
#2 shrek
2018-06-18 22:58
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